Horse Trek'N Taranaki


Booking a Horse Trek

When enquiring about a horse trek please, text or email and include:

  • How long a trek you would like to go for
  • The number of riders
  • The date range that you would like to do trek
  • Your preferred time

When booking a horse trek: as well as above information, please provide the following additional details:

  • Contact mobile number
  • First name of each rider
  • Age (for children only, minimum 7 years)
  • Height and weight of each person
  • Rider experience of each person (a genuine description, guideline as follows):
    • Never (0 rides)
    • Novice (1 to 50 rides)
    • Beginner (50 to 200 rides)
    • Intermediate (200 to 400 rides)
    • Experienced (400 to 600 rides)
    • Competent/Advanced (600+ rides)

Note: I will only be able to confirm your trek once you provide the above information.

Please advise if your experience is historic and you have not ridden for many years.

All information is required so I may match each rider to suitable horse to ensure you enjoy your horse trek experience.

It would be appreciated if you advise at time of booking of any learning/cognitive, physical disabilities and special conditions (anxiety etc.) so we may select a horse tolerant to this. If you have specific medications that you may possibly need during trek please advise your guide whom will carry for your use.

For the welfare of my horses I have a rider weight limit of 100kg, an allowance to this limit may be considered if you are an experienced rider and/or of a taller height.

If it is not suitable/safe weather to trek I will advise on the day and cancel, you may rebook and any pre-paid money will be refunded.

All trek details, instructions and directions will be text to your mobile once confirmed, this will also include bank account details.

Debbie Newton
Mobile: 027 HORS TRK (027 4677 875)