Horse Trek'N Taranaki


Booking a Horse Trek

If enquiring about a trek please include:

  • Your Mobile Number
  • The number of riders
  • How long a trek you would like to go for
  • The date you would like to do the trek

I will try and limit the number of riders to maintain smaller groups or match similar levels and ages within same group. If possible so I may match riders to a suitable horse to ensure you enjoy your ride, for each rider please include the following details:

  • First name of rider
  • Gender
  • Age (for children only, minimum 7 years)
  • Approximate height and weight
  • A genuine description of rider experience (as listed below)
  • E.g. Jane, Female, 14, 165 cm, 55 kg, Basic.

As a guideline and so that I may prepare the appropriate horse for your enjoyable riding experience, please provide an honest account of your rider level/experience: Never (0 rides), Novice (1 to 20 rides), Beginner (20+ rides), Basic (50+ rides), Experienced (100+ rides), Competent: (250+ rides), Advanced: (500+ rides), Please advise if you have not ridden for many years.

Please advise me of any known allergies, conditions , dissabilities when you book the trek so I may accommodate your requirements and bring any specific medications with you.

Note for the welfare of my horses I have a rider weight limit of 100kg, an allowance to this limit may be considered if you are an experienced rider and/or of a taller height.

If it is not suitable/safe weather to trek I will advise on the day and cancel, you may rebook and any pre-paid money will be refunded.

All trek details, instructions and directions will be text to your mobile once confirmed, this will also include bank account details.

Debbie Newton
Mobile: 027 HORS TRK (027 4677 875)