Horse Trek'N Taranaki


About Your Horse Trek Guides


Let me tell you a bit about my background and why I am so passionate about offering a horse trek experience for you.

I have a genuine love for all animals with my obsession for horses going back to my toddler years. We had large Clydesdale type horses on my grandparents farm, this is where I first managed to coerce a gentle mare called Bay, close enough to a fence so I could scramble onto her back. She fore-bore me a great deal of patience and pleasure through my early childhood years where I rode with a sack and halter.

Then I discovered my Uncle's farm, I was delighted to find he had saddles and bridles. He was a skilled horseman who used stock horses for access over his back country farm. To my delight he sometimes grazed the Rodeo herd of wild horses, I would spend all my school holidays immersed in horsey heaven.

My passion did not wane from my teen years through to adulthood, and it always led me towards working in partnership with a horse for mutual gains. Riding for enjoyment and pleasure being my focus, asking a horse to work with me willingly and relax, thereby pacifying any nervous or problem traits.


I have selected, purpose trained and worked with my trek horses to build a consistent and responsive core team to cater for all levels of riders. All my horses are special to me, I therefore get huge satisfaction seeing the delight on the face of a rider after their trek experience, who has bonded with the horse I had matched them to ... Your enjoyment is paramount to me.

Some say I am "Living the Dream'', I tend to agree. Come and experience my paradise.

Nga Mihinui, Debbie