About Your Horse Trek Guides


Let me tell you a bit about myself and why I am doing the Horse trekking.

My love for horses goes back a long way, it was pre-school days when I first managed to coerce a Clydie-x close enough to a fence so I could climb up and on to her back, her name was Bay and she forebore me with a great deal of patience. Then I discovered my Uncles farm, he was a skilled horseman who worked with back country stock horses and sometimes grazed the Rodeo herd of wild horses, my childhood evolved around farm stays. My passion intensified as I grew up through my teens to adulthood, and it always lead me more towards a love and empathy for horses. There was no shortage of troubled, neglected or out of work horses to exercise and train. However commitment restraints ensued a break from horses for a number of years.

I consider myself very privileged to now be in a position to pursue my first love, pacifying any nervous or problem traits, riding, training and working my horses to build a consistent and responsive core team to cater for all levels of riders.

I get huge satisfaction seeing a rider matched to a horse I have been working with; then bond with that horse, during their ride .... your enjoyment is paramount to me.



I'm the bloke who is lucky enough to live here on the property which is the site of the treks. I made my money as a captain of trawlers for 27 years. 12 years working the prawn fishery in the far north of Australia, the Coral Sea and Arafura Sea and the Persian Gulf then 15 years working the deep sea fisheries catching Orange Roughie in the Southern Oceans.

I rode a lot as a child and I have had horses on the farm since buying it 19 years ago. My brother and his wife used to run a cross country trekking business and this enabled me to see first hand what an uplifting and positive influence the interaction between horse and rider can be for persons of any age, particularly in this most beautiful and pristine of environments. Therefore I have wished to provide such an experience to the public since they retired the business.

Meeting Debbie gave me the opportunity to do so, as her support and input allows me the time to have the time. I hope you will be able to make time as I am sure you will find it time well spent.