Horse Trek'N Taranaki


About Your Horse Trek Guides


Let me tell you a bit about myself and why I am doing the Horse trekking.

My love for horses goes back a long way, it was pre-school days when I first managed to coerce a Clydie-x close enough to a fence so I could climb up and on to her back, her name was Bay and she forebore me with a great deal of patience. Then I discovered my Uncles farm, he was a skilled horseman who worked with back country stock horses and sometimes grazed the Rodeo herd of wild horses, my childhood evolved around farm stays. My passion intensified as I grew up through my teens to adulthood, and it always lead me more towards a love and empathy for horses. There was no shortage of troubled, neglected or out of work horses to exercise and train. However commitment restraints ensued a break from horses for a number of years.

I consider myself very privileged to now be in a position to pursue my first love, pacifying any nervous or problem traits, riding, training and working my horses to build a consistent and responsive core team to cater for all levels of riders.

I get huge satisfaction seeing a rider matched to a horse I have been working with; then bond with that horse, during their ride .... your enjoyment is paramount to me.

Your sincerely,