Horse Trek'N Taranaki


Horse Trek Options & Costs

All prices are per person.

Farm Treks

For all levels of experience from Never/Novice to Advanced trails.

  • 1.0 hour, $80
  • 2.0 hours, $100
  • 3.0 hours, $130

Farm treks may cover a variety of terrain from open farm land, to narrow tracks and depending on your level, picturesque valley riding with some bush, hill climbs with wonderful views: all at a relaxed pace.

Beach Treks

For Beginner to Advanced riders; must be independently riding your horse.

  • 3.5 hours, $150
  • 4+ hours, $170 (includes a midway stop with snack provided)
  • 5+ hours, $200 (includes a midway stop with lunch provided)
  • Full Day, $250 (includes stops with lunch and snack provided)

Beach treks will encompass farm land, trails, bush tracks with the options to climb to elevated cliff top riding and sand surfing. This is an extremely diverse range of terrain from picturesque valley riding to climbs with magnificent views of our mountain and sea and an experience showcasing all that North Taranaki offers. We set a fair to moderate pace to cover the distance to Waiiti beach with your percentage of beach riding depending on the timing of low tide.

All trek options listed above, is the actual length of time you spend in the saddle riding. Family and group reductions may apply and will be advised at time of booking. Frequent rider rates offered, advised at time of repeat treks.

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